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Canarian Cuisine.

Canarian cuisine refers to the typical dishes and ingredients in the cuisine of the Canary Islands. These include plentiful fish, generally roasted, papas arrugadas (a potato dish), mojos (such as mojo picón), and wine from the malvasia grape.
Mojo is a sauce which may be orange, red, or green depending on its ingredients. Mojo is heavy in garlic and can be moderately spicy, referred to as mojo picón. It is usually made of oil, vinegar, salt, red pepper, thyme, oregano, coriander and several other spices.

Papas arrugadas are small unskined potatoes which have been boiled in salt water and are usually served with chicken and topped with mojo. Their name in Spanish means "wrinkled potatoes" and refers to their condition after being boiled and served.

One very typical Canarian product is gofio, a flour created by grinding roasted sweetcorn. Gofio is produced locally and is added to many foods and also to warm milk as a drink.

Canarians widely use olive oil in their foods, which are often prepared from scratch.
Other typical Canarian foods include "ropa vieja", a dish of chicken and beef mixed with potatoes and chickpeas, and "potaje", a generic name for one of many stews.

A sweet indulgence is bienmesabe which mean in Spanish "Tastes good to me". It's a paste made from grounded almonds, lemon rind and eggs. It's normally served as a dessert, nowadays sometime with cream or ice cream.

The wine from the malvasia grape was a product of canarian export since the 17th century, immediately after the decline of sugar plantations and until its commerce was blocked by the British navy in the late 18th century. Nowadays the islands produce ten of protected geographical indications.

Other foods include sancocho canario, puchero canario, gofio escaldado, bacalao and plátanos.

"Gofio Canario" is a traditional Canarian food  "Papas Arrugadas" is a traditional Canarian food  "Platano de Canarias" is a traditional Canarian food  "Potaje de Berros" is a traditional Canarian food