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Forestal Park Tenerife


The new park is embedded in one of the most privileged areas of the Crown Forest (Parque Natural de Canarias), which belongs to the municipality of El Rosario in the northeastern part of the island of Tenerife.

Forestal Park Tenerife offers as many as 90 games on two different high ropes courses (Family course and Sports course), including 11 spectacular zip-lines. The facility is equipped with most innovative construction elements, surprising games on high levels and State-Of-The-Art security systems, which will set new standards in the design and construction of theme parks.

Adventure yourself and slide down the 225m long zip-lines, climb up to the 20 metre high platforms, move forward on Tibetan bridges, zip wires and other entertaining adventure games on high level.

Guaranteed fun.

Available : DomingoLunesMartesMiercolesJuevesViernesSabado
Duration : 02:00 Aprox

Adult Price: 22,00 €      Child Price: 18,00 €

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